Professional Grade 6-hole Chromatic Concert Size 22" Zen Artiste-Tuned Indian Transverse Flute (Bansuri). G#

Artiste-made and signed Zen-brand masterflute for concert-grade performance. The bamboo has been burnt and roasted carefully to ensure long life and fabulous woody overtones like only a quality bamboo flute can provide. This is a pro-grade individually tuned flute brand and not the mass-manufactured cheap souvenier Indian or Native American flutes that litter ebay. If you want a folksy wood flute, this one will not disappint you.

You are bidding on one unit of a large-sized 22" presentation professional grade bamboo side-blown flute known as the Bansuri in 6 E. Do not bother with a bansuri this size if you have not had prior experience with side-blown or regular flutes. There are cheaper flutes online that will serve beginners just as well.

The North Indian bansuri is a side-blown flute invented in this century by Pannalal Ghosh. It is made of single jointed, thin-walled bamboo and is tuned to an untempered chromatic scale. Ghosh created the modern bansuri by adding a seventh finger hole to the traditional instrument. Bansuri have a range of approximately three octaves. The best Bansuris are made of rare Sunderbans bamboo reeds and are almost invariably hand made. The bansuri is striking in both its simplicity and richness. Originally a folk instrument, the bansuri has evolved a dazzling classical repertoire and found its way into the contemporary jazz and world music scene.

The Indian flute produces some of the world's most melodic and melancholic music. It's a great new instrument to learn and even amateurs can derive terrific joy and comfort from this elegant instrument with heavenly soul-soothing sounds. .

To hear how the Western world has adapted the flute in some wonderful fusion music,
click here to download recording. For a Hindustani Classical flute recital, click here (please allow some time for recording to download).