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Indian Classical Instruments

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For Electronic Indian instruments such as Raagini, Riyazmaster, Taal Tarang, Swar Sudha etc,
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Electronic Instruments

For Carnattic South Indian instruments such as Ghatam, Mridangam, Saraswati Veena, Pulangoil, etc,
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Carnatic Instruments


Excellent Quality Value for Money Miraj Student Sitar. Full Size Beauty (with electric pick-up). 


Professional Single Tumba Calcutta Tarafdar Sitar + Hardcase


Professional Double Tumba Calcutta Tarafdar Sitar + Hardcase. Ravi Shankar Style.

$ 995

Innovative Folding Sitar. Full length Hemraj Decorated Miraj Sitar. Heavily Decorated.


Professional  Highest Quality Surbahar / Sur Bahar. Lovely Peacock Head and Extensive Decoration.


Flat Tanpuri. Tunable to C#.High Pitched. Celluloid Decoration. Top Sound Quality


Professional -Grade Male Tanpura / Tambura + Hardcase. Full Decoration. (electric pick-up)


Pro-Grade Female Tanpura/ Tambura + Hardcase. Full Decoration.


Concert-Grade Classical Sarod with Detachable Brass Tumba.


Afghan / Sikh Professional Grade Rebab / Rabab with Hardcase.


Concert Quality Punjabi TAUS. Seasoned Tun Wood. Playing style similar to Dilruba. Heavier Bass.


8-Stopper Teakwood Harmonium. Double Bellows. Beautiful decorations.


Professional Scale changer Harmonium. Portable.


Swarmandal - Indian Harp


Indian Dilruba with Extensive Decorative Work. Single Joint.


Professional Rajasthani Sarangi - Indian Fiddle


Saranga / Sarinda. Rare professional grade instrument with fiber case. Top quality.


Israj /  Esraj. Professional Quality made of top-grade Tun Wood. High Quality Finish & Tone. Very Similar to Dilruba. 


Tarshehnai. Similar to Israj -  produces a high-pitched sound comparable to the Shehnai. Uses an additional metal soundbox.

Interesting Sample



Kashmiri Santoor - Premium Professional Grade



Persian Santoor - Premium


Folk Ektaara
(Bass or Tenor Gopichand)


Electric Shahi Baja with Swarmandal. Fusion of Electric Guitar, Harp and Dulcimer.



Electric Lap Steel Guitar


Single Wood Construction Shankar Guitar - Acoustic Lap Slide Guitar


Flatback Electric Sitar



Mohan-Veena Slide Guitar


Special Quality Mohan-Veena Slide Guitar with Hemraj Wooden Tumba / Kumbh + Fiberglass Case + DVD


 31" GG  Bamboo Bass Bansuri Flute. Largest concert quality transverse flute.


6-Hole 22" GG Professional Indian Bansuri Flute


Beautiful 16" Presentation Banarasi Shehnai (Indian Oboe)


Professional Brass Tabla.Set.  Double Gajra Skins.


Highest quality Copper and Sheesham Tabla Set with Fiberglass Case. Nothing better than this. Made in Bombay!


Rare High-Pitched Afghan / Sikh Gurbani Tabla. Brass.


Sikh Pakhawaj - Jori Drums.


Miniature Children's Tabla


Rare Madal Treble Drum



Full-Size Wooden Dholak with Traditional Ropes


Full-Size Sheesham Dholak with Metal Keys

Bhangra Dhol (Fibre)

Bhangra Dhol (Sheesham)


Tasha - Keyed Copper Kettle Drum. 9 keys



 Ghungroo Pad. 48 bells.



Khopdi Tarang - Indian "Skull" Drums. Tun Wood  


Jal Tarang - Indian "Water" Percussion. Full Professional Set with Plates + CD.  


We stock almost all accessories required for Indian instruments such as string sets, fretboards, replacement parts, drum skins and gigbags and hardcases. For young children and collectors, we also stock miniature versions of almost all instruments.

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